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Upgrade VIOSO 6 do VIOSO 6 SIM

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The VIOSO 6 SIM version has everything that the standard VIOSO 6 has plus:

- Multi-camera based automatic alignment

- Dynamic eye point handling

- advanced scripting

- Support for: rfPRO, VBS, VIRES, X-Plane and more

- 3 months of software support included.

- requires additional support for deployment



Perfect control over multi projector setups!


IOSO provide automatic warping and blending (auto alignment) technology using calibration cameras and support as many IGs, projectors and cameras as you need.


VIOSO support any kind of projector (direct view LED) and take care of a perfect geometry, softedge blending, color / black level and linearity.


In addition we perform the necessary frustum calculations that you need for your software setup. We natively support more than 30 applications and provide a free API and native Windows NVIDIA warping in addition to make sure you can integrate our technology in any project at ease.