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Space 294 Turntable (without arm) NOTTINGHAM ANALOGUE

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Product Description

This is the third and top Space deck derivative, it has the same refinements seen in the ACE Space deck but with a large 14'' (355mm) platter which gives much more rotational stability due to its increased inertia

The turntable is specifically for 12" (294mm) tonearms only and cannot be fitted with a second tonearm. Twelve inch tonearms are nothing new for Nottingham Analogue, the longer arm results in a smaller tracking error, and Nottingham has cleverly eliminated the pitfalls of common 12" tonearms.

The new Space 294 will bring you closer to real music than you ever thought possible at a price that will drive you to shopping for new records.

The turntable can be upgraded with the 14” HD (heavy duty) upgrade kit and has a second tonearm option if required.

Product Features

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