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MADRIX RADAR fusion large

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Product Description

Software License: Madrix RADAR Fusion Small

RDM Devices/Sub-Devices: 2048

Management: Yes

Configuration: Yes

Monitoring: Yes


Management. Manage all of your devices the remote way. Manage them the smart way.

Everywhere, lighting designs beautifully light up the world all around us. And clients expect them to do so without failure,

each and every day. Behind the scenes, the lighting industry faces the complex aspects of modern technologies. Increasingly

large projects become increasingly difficult to manage and maintain.


That is why today‘s DMX lighting fixtures are equipped with Remote Device Management. It is a two-way communication for receiving instructions as well as sending out feedback. When devices report back data, you gain access to a whole new level of available information, insights, and control. MADRIX® RADAR is the complete toolbox to make the most of this data; automatically and efficiently.


Supervise all of your lighting fixtures in a single software. Handle large amounts of RDM devices. It is a new kind of application that opens up entirely new possibilities for you and your clients. MADRIX® RADAR includes automatic fixture patching, fully automatic 24/7 device monitoring, automatic e-mail notifications, and much more.


Transform how you work with luminaires. Easily configure settings remotely. Let the software monitor devices automatically for you. Quickly see the results in graphical overviews at a single glance. That means that your setup and maintenance processes are much faster, much easier, and much more cost-efficient than ever before.


Build a database of past sensor data and see the progression of device parameters, such as temperature and operating hours. Exchange devices that are likely to fail soon, before they do. Make your maintenance costs much more predictable by planning them more effectively in advance.


Provide unparalleled support for each installation. Start offering all-new benefits to your clients. Unleash the full potential of RDM.


Configuration. Meet your favorite new addressing tool.


Convenient Remote Access

Easily set up your RDM devices remotely. This means you can perform any configuration conveniently from your computer; instead of requiring direct access to the devices themselves in the truss, in the ceiling, or on the facade.


Simplified Fixture Addressing

Avoid the complicated procedure to manually set up all of a project‘s lighting fixtures by hand before they can be mounted. Freely modify their settings, such as the important DMX start address, after any installation has taken place.


Incredibly Fast Workflows

Drastically reduce the time-consuming process of configuring a large number of devices. Use the built-in search function and change settings of a single device or select several entries to quickly make multiple changes at once.


Incredibly Powerful Automation

Let the software automatically patch all fixtures in a single DMX universe or across the entire range of addresses. Simply use drag and drop to put them in the correct order. Setting up DMX addresses has never been faster.


Useful Fixture Discovery

Use the built-in highlight mode to let a fixture flash with fullon white for quick identification of fixtures in your installation. See if a device correctly responds to DMX commands or if the lighting fixtures are addressed correctly in a row.


Full Support

MADRIX® RADAR supports all RDM parameters detailed in the official protocol specifications of ANSI E1.20 and ANSI E1.37-1 over Art-Net (including the ArtRdm package). All fixed parameters (PIDs for Set and Get) and manufacturerspecific parameters are included.


Monitoring. Fully automatic 24/7 device monitoring with automatic notifications.


Continuous Monitoring

Let the software monitor all of your devices 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. It does so fully automatically without any required supervision. This simply wasn‘t possible before.


Making Sensor Data Understandable

MADRIX® RADAR checks the status of devices, such as voltage, temperature, status, power cycle, life cycle, and more. Graphical overviews allow you to quickly see if a sensor value is within its specified limits or out of its valid range.


Event Reports

In addition to merely requesting and receiving information, the software will apply its own logical routines in order to create events for you. By probing and validating incoming data, MADRIX® RADAR provides actionable reports for you.


Automatic Notifications

If MADRIX® RADAR detects any irregularities, you can receive automatic status updates within the software, run a PowerShell script, or let the system conveniently send you

e-mails. In short, you are always up to date.



User Interface Languages:English

Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit only)

License Requirements: MADRIX® RADAR licenses require a valid, metallic MADRIX® KEY.

Demo Version: Download MADRIX® RADAR from

Product Features

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