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Interspace Junior Turntable Set NOTTINGHAM ANALOGUE

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Product Description

The Interspace Junior turntable from NottinghamAnalogue is the most affordable model from this renowned British noble manufacturer.


The Interspace Junior is equipped with a 9-inch long "Interspace" tonearm; a high-quality phono-NF cable is permanently mounted.


Technically, the Interspace Junior is based on the large turntables and largely contains all the important components that also ensure excellent sound in the large turntables. The massive platter rotates in a tightly toleranced pin bearing; an external synchronous motor drives the platter via a rubber belt.


The damped HDF chassis ensures a firm stand and clean decoupling of sensitive mechanical components. The lacquer finish is either marbled or high-gloss black.


In terms of sound, this turntable is in the best Nottingham tradition: an open, spacious sound invites hours of listening. The turntable benefits enormously from the very good tonearm. All high-quality cartridges can be fitted. In general, a cartridge with a dynamically lively sound is preferred, as the turntable inherently develops its relaxed, homogeneous sound.


Special features

quiet running synchronous motor (230V, 50Hz)

damped chassis

platter bearing with close tolerance

damped, heavy platter

9-inch Nottingham Interspace tonearm

Tonearm adjustable in height

Product Features

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