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IAP-02 conditioner DIVALDI

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Product Description

The conditioner IAP-01 is an active power supply that converts DC to AC. This device is used to power high-end audio components in home Hi-Fi and high end systems such as power amplifiers, preamps, CD / DVD players.


The IAP-01 has four modes of operation:


1. Processing of electricity from AC voltage (taken from AC 100V – 240V 50/60 Hz) to DC power supply to external battery pack 2 x 12V.

2. Secondary processing from DC power to AC energy, which is fed into the output sockets of the conditioner with a value selected in the AC range of 100V – 240V and operating frequency of 50Hz or 60 Hz.

3. Additional DC power generated from photovoltaic cells that directly feeds the external battery pack.

4. Switching to passive mode with direct connection to power supply.

The internal programmable automation of the device is controlled over the whole process.


The conditioner allows for a comprehensive use of energy as well as for total galvanic isolation from the power grid. It also allows you to obtain clean, uninterrupted power, corrugated and interrupted voltage and distortion that negatively affect Audio devices. In addition to the output sockets, you can also set the priority of the power supply – initial or final. They concern the status of the audio system and its components, and selectively disconnect them when the battery is discharged.



Output power: 1300W, 1500W max, 2000W pulse

Output voltage: pre-programmed in the range of 100V / 120V / 230V / 240V AC, selected sine of 50Hz or 60Hz

External batteries: acid or lithium, with a capacity of 600Ah - minimum 2pcs.

Possibility to connect to a set of photovoltaic cells: min 500W

Material: aluminium


width: 530 mm

height: 160 mm

depth: 455 mm

Colour: black

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