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HOT BEAM 10R Moving Head KUDUX

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Product Description

Hot Beam 10R is a new generation moving head. The device combines three functions spot, wash and beam. Thanks to such a construction, it becomes extremely universal and versatile in use.

Another advantage of the device is its housing made of plastic resistant to mechanical damage.

In addition, the new Kudux head offers up to 23 gobos including 9 rotational, 13 dichroic color filters, precise zoom and two types of prisms.

The light source is a metal halide lamp with an integrated reflector (recommended lamp: OSRAM HRI 280).

Thanks to the modern Hot Beam 280 light source it has excellent optical parameters, beam mode> 82,000 lux @ 20 m, in spot mode> 90,000 lux @ 5 m.

The head works in two DMX modes 16 and 24 ch.

You can use the Robe Robin Pointe library interchangeably in lighting consoles.


Basic technical parameters:


Number of channels: 24, 16

Automatic work

Large readable LCD display

Pan / Tilt: 8 or 16 bit

Color wheel position: 8 or 16bit

Rotating gobo wheel position: 8 bit

Static gobo wheel position: 8 bit

Zoom: 8 or 16bit

Focus: 8 or 16bit

Dimmer: 8 or 16bit

Power socket: Neutrik PowerCon

Product Features

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