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Golden Night 300B Self Cancelling single ended Mono-block Hard wired

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Product Description

The Audion Golden Night uses a single 300B  or PX25 valve in S.C.S.E (Self cancelling single ended) mode giving 10 watts of pure class “A” power. “Self Cancelling circuit topology aims at cancelling out second order harmonic distortion which gives superior impedance matching to drive the output valves  better and give indulging transients with stunning bottom-end response, which is very difficult to find in other amplifiers.”


The Golden Night was originally designed to explore the S.C.S.E principle. It has since exemplified the philosophy of great build quality, stunning looks and that delicious valve sound.


The Audion Golden Night self cancelling single ended 300B or PX25 mono-block forms part of our High End line-up of power amplifiers, using the well known 300B or lesser known PX25 valves.


This amplifier is hand built and hard wired using solid silver wires in all of the audio path. Wherever possible the components we source are from Europe and Northern America, thus avoiding inferior Chinese components.


This triode based mono-block amp uses no (zero) feedback in the design. The chassis is black powder coated aluminium as is the transformer cover. The top plate and badge are mirror finished stainless steel.


The Golden Night is a pure class A self cancelling single ended design mono block amplifier using the highly regarded 300B or the more powerful PX25 or now even the sonically superior 2A3.


All of our Golden Nights produce a level of performance that is radically superior to current designs and have been specifically designed for sonic performance rather than technical specifications. That does not mean to say we make any compromises. Designed for the discerning listener the Golden Night range uses many proprieratry Audion designed components.


The Golden Night has its entire audio path hard wired in pure solid silver wire, a massive polypropylene capacitor reservoir power supply capable of driving high current demands and delivering a very satisfying performance. All Golden Nights are equipped with 4 and 8 ohm outputs or can be wired as 4 or 8 ohm outputs for bi-wiring. It is able to retrieve great musical detail and nuances, far in excess of our intermediate Silver Night range.


The Golden Night SCSE amplifier comes with JJ 300B’s but can also be made with PX25 tubes upon request. This amp is best suited for use with loudspeakers of 89db or better efficiency. Ideally matched with our range of Electron cables. The amps deliver 10 watts into 8 ohms from a 300B, they come with  4 & 8 ohm taps.


Unlike many power amplifiers all of ours have a volume control on the front and mono inputs on the rear means that a pre-amplifier is not always necessary with this unit if using a single line level source. The Golden Nights are all auto biased which means that they will take almost any standard 300b (Unit is supplied with JJ 300b’s) .


The Golden Night SCSE amplifier is hard wired (Air Wired©) Class A mono-block power amplifier. It is built with components sourced from Europe and the US. Where possible we avoid the use of any Chinese component. Our output transformers are wound in-house to our exacting standards and many of the components are either made by us or specifically for us. We use JJ 300B’s and Audion’s own CVX100 & CVX120 as input & driver tube.  This amp is designed for finesse, data retrieval, depth of field and musicality.


The Golden Night was originally launched in 1995 to explore the self cancelling single ended design & has exemplified the philosophy of good build quality exceptional looks, and delicious tube sound. The Golden Night has weight in the bass, definition and agility, commendable out of a single 300B tube. Using proprietary circuitry the Golden Night never fails to impress.


The design of the Golden Night is executed with a large dose of sound engineering, finesse and technical expertise as well as a good measure of common sense.





Power : 2 x 10 Watts Class A into 8 Ohms @240V AC

Power supply featuring polypropylene based power supplies.

Load: 4 –  8 Nominal

Distortion @ 1 Watt – <0.1% No Feedback

Sensitivity Variable – Variable >150mV Full output

Impedance – 47K Line

Phase – Correct

Noise CCIR) – <90db

Frequency Response: – <10 – 38KHz ±3 db

Weight: – 11kg per mono block

Inputs – 1 mono Line Level per mono block

Front – Alps Blue Velvet Volume Control

Consumption: 99 Watts per mono block

Tubes: 1 x JJ300B’s & 1 x CVX100 & 1 x CVX120

Size:  42cm deep,23cm wide and 19cm tall – Excluding valves.

Fuses – Power 2A / 250V Slow blow & H.T. 500mA 250V Slow blow

US/Jpn Power 3.15A / 120V Slow blow and 1A / 120V Slow blow.

Product Features

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