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E-GATE DMX 4 ArtNet 4 x DMX ( euroszyna) MODUS

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Product Description

E-Gate DMX4 is a node ("gate") of the Ethernet network converting Art-Net signals to 4 DMX512 ports.


All ports conform to the DMX512,DMX512-A standard and can be used both for DMX signal outputs and inputs. The LMQ4 device is mounted in a housing fit for assembly on a standard T35 rail. It is provided with screw joints allowing to attach the power supply and DMX512 signals. It comprises also the Ethernet joint operating in the 10/100BaseTX standard. All configuration steps can be performed with a joystick along with a TFT 1.8-inch color display on the front panel. The gate is supplied with the safe +12VDC. Best suited for converting of Art-Net signals from popular programs to control lighting systems (e.g. MATRIX) as well as for advanced controllers of stage and theater lighting. All DMX ports are optically isolated and are provided with an anti-short circuit and overvoltage protection. The E-Gate has an integration function to integrate up to 2 Art-Net streams available in the HTP and LTP mode. Also screen monitoring of the Ethernet network, DMX channels levels, both in Mono and RGB mode and the kind of the DMX port is possible. Every DMX port is provided with a function for configuration of most important parameters such as: Brake, MAB, MBF. Thus you can adapt a signal to previous DMX devices, still on the market. The E-gate software can be updated via the Ethernet network.


The DMX4 E-Gate is a device supplied with the safe 12V DC voltage from special feeders, however,

when installing and using it absolutely observe the rules given below.

1. The module must be assembled by an authorized person and according to its instruction.

2. The device can be connected only to a regulated voltage of a loadability according to the technical data.

3. The module is designed for internal use. In case it is used outside it must be protected against atmospheric impact.

4. Protect all wires from mechanical and thermal damage.

5. Carry out all repairs with the power switched off.

6. Do not connect a device to a supply source when its damage is visible.

7. Absolutely protect the LMQ4 against contact with water and other fluids.

8. Avoid sudden shocks especially a fall.

9. Do not switch the device in spaces of the relative humidity above 90%.

10. Do not use the device in areas with temperatures below +2°C or higher than +40°C.


Technical Specifications:

Power supply: 12V DC

Power consumption: 400mA max.

Number of DMX ports: 4

DMX joints: Screw type, optical isolated

ART-Net joint: Ethernet RJ45

Weight: 220g

Dimensions: 105mm (W) x 90mm (H) x 60mm (D)


The manufacturer reserves itself the right to make changes in the functioning and operation of the device in order to improve the product.

Product Features

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