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Product Description

4-Channel, Installation-Grade, Constant Voltage LED Dimmer


Robust and reliable, ENTTEC’s CVC4 is the ultimate high fidelity, constant voltage (CV) LED dimmer.


The CVC4 is the next evolution of the ENTTEC LED dimmer, building upon the the CVC3 and DIN-LED4PX. Think of the CVC4 as a higher power version of these popular models, with the added option for 16-bit dimming, plus the ability to configure it to take up the same channel footprint as a CVC3 in an existing application if you wish.


Capable of controlling up to 5A on each of its four channels at either a 16- or 8-bit resolution, the CVC4’s ultra smooth-dimming, auto-addressing functionality and simple mode selection make it one of the most comprehensive yet versatile devices imaginable.


With rugged, in-built surface mount tabs, it’s easy to install, whilst its solid-state, fanless design means that the CVC4 is virtually silent when in operation. Incorporating a user-serviceable fuse to reduce the amount of external components and wiring required for a safe installation, the CVC4 has been engineered to bring the ultimate in installer-friendly flexibility and fast deployment when constructing a constant voltage LED strip project.



In a nutshell

12-24V input (20A maximum).

Output to LED strip (5A per channel maximum).

Huge 1KHz PWM signal refresh rate.

PLink in and out connector for auto-addressing (each unit can be spaced up to 300m away from the next when using PLink over Cat6 cable).

Single DMX connector for DMX/RDM input, or chaining between devices.

Status LED and mode selection DIP switch to toggle between bitrate and RGB/RGBW operating modes.

User-serviceable fuse to protect against short circuits.

Passive cooling with internal overheating protection.

Compact design with integrated 4mm surface mounting holes.


Product Features

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