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Product Description

8PX60-12-B (12V) – 5M

SKU: 8PX60-12-B

The revolution starts here with our first ever 12V single LED pixel strip


Single-pixel control is the future of LED design … and it begins NOW! Advances in technology allow us to offer a 12V strip with 60 individually-controllable single pixel RGB LED per meter for the very first time.


Sticking with our popular black PCB (ideal for stealth designs), each LED now has its own inbuilt IC resulting in more physical flexibility, as well as smoother dimming, allowing for an unparalleled level of precision. Furthermore, this pixel strip introduces per LED redundancy to ENTTEC’s product line.


If any LED becomes damaged or physically removed from the strip, the 8PX60-12-B will still function without your LED mapping being affected. How incredible is that?!


ENTTEC’s manufacturing quality and attention to detail is still paramount, of course. So we always use thicker substrates to offer more durability, better heat dissipation and improved current flow over standard LED strips available on the market.


With the 8PX60-12-B digital LED pixel strip, you truly can experience the world of tomorrow, today.



60 individually controllable RGB LEDs per meter

8PX60-12-B boasts 60 color-calibrated, individually controllable, RGB pixels per meter. Each pixel offers consistent brightness and extended color gamut.


But what makes this strip different to other commonly used 12V strips? If you look at the visualization below, it’ll give you a good idea of what single-pixel control actually means.


With an 8PX60-12-B strip, the behavior of each dot is completely independent to the others on the strip, whereas a regular pixel strip requires a series of three consecutive dots to process and display the same information. And at the opposite end of the spectrum, constant voltage strips can only display a uniform hue across their entire length at any given moment.


While most 5V LED pixel strips have been available with single-pixel control for quite some time – unlike 12V strips – the trade-off is that they have a relatively short maximum run length before voltage drop becomes an issue. So with the 8PX60-12-B, you get this unprecedented level of fine control, and also decent-sized run lengths. It really does give you access to the best of both worlds.



A: Single-pixel control (1 pixel = 1 LED) 8PX60-12-B RGB LED pixel strip.


B: RGB LED pixel strip (1 pixel = 3 LEDs).


C: Constant voltage RGB LED strip (All LEDs the same).



While it shares some of the same high-quality characteristics you’ve come to know and rely on from our other LED strip products, the combination of its black PCB, individual pixel control and redundancy makes this one special. We would say that it makes this tape stand out … but that’s precisely what it doesn’t do. A clever designer will often want to use shadows and dark recesses to hide the inner workings of an installation in order to take an audience by surprise when the creation comes alive. This tape is perfect for that sort of thing. And fear not: it also looks good when it’s on!


Built for performance

Used to improve durability, the superior thickened copper tracks also reduce the effects of voltage drop and help to combat heat build-up from resistance. These features contribute to a superior uniform light output along its full length. Control up to 7m with just one power injection, or drive up to 11.3m with two.



With a maximum power consumption of only 8.5 watts per metre (RGB all on) and a lumen capacity of 122 lumens per metre, this 12V tape provides a bright and efficient package.


Redundancy is key

With a high level of redundancy, if your 8PX60-12-B sustains any damage to one of its LEDs (even if one gets physically knocked off), data will continue to pass down the strip and carry on to the next LED without affecting your mapping.


Millions of colours

Each pixel can achieve a 24-bit, True Colour display. That’s a whopping 16,777,216 possible colours for each LED chip, with a scan frequency of 2KHz.


Extend as you please

Join two lengths together or cut them into a smaller length. You can also operate the tape from up to 300m away using the ENTTEC Pixel Link system. This LED strip is recommended for indoor use only. As with all LED strips, it is recommended that they are installed within an extrusionfor the best protection and heat dissipation.


Why choose 8PX60-12-B?

Here’s Casey from our North Carolina office explaining why you’ll be needing this LED strip. We know that it’s a game-changer that opens up so many new possibilities – so be sure to get on-board before other lighting designers beat you to creating your best ideas!



Product Features

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