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Architect 55 Kvant

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Product Description

he new Architect range of high-power static-beam lasers (sometimes called sky lasers or landmark lasers) is our reaction to globally increasing demand for super bright lasers. These are great for highlighting significant landmarks, structures and buildings.

The beam coming out of the Architect systems draws attention from many miles away. It adds a great deal of sublimity to already majestic nature-made, or human-made objects, making them even more unique, appealing and desirable.


Architect 55 is powerful 55W full-colour single beam laser display system was developed for architectural and sky-lighting applications. Thanks to our own patented diode laser technology and purposefully overrated design and construction of this unit, it will provide the user with a reliable and long-lifespan solution when it comes to permanent outdoor installations.


Furthermore, the Architect 55 can be supplied with the automatic laser beam tracking and targeting device that keeps the beam pointing at the exact spot at all times, regardless of the buildings' sway.




Source | Type: semiconductor diode | full-colour static-beam laser projector

Suitability: architectural outdoor installations

System control:PC / DMX

Compliant with:EN 60825-1

Weight [kg]: 112

Size [WxHxD, mm]: 900 x 380 x 800

Guaranteed opt. output [mW]: 55000

R | G | B [mW]:18000 | 12000 | 24000 [*see note A below]

Wavelengths [nm, ±5nm]:637 | 520 | 445

Beam size [mm]:34 x 42 or custom

Beam divergence [mrad]:0.5 [full angle, averaged value, *see note B below], or custom

Modulation [kHz] | type: 100 | analogue

Power requirements [V] | Input:100-230/50-60Hz | Neutrik powerCON TRUE1

Max. power consumption [VA]: 2450

Operation temperature [°C]: 0-35

note A:Due to Advanced Optical Correction technology used in Kvant systems, the real power output of each laser module installed within the system may slightly differ from its specification. This doesn't affect the total guaranteed power output of the system.

note B:The beam divergence total is calculated as an average arithmetic value of all individual colours. The divergence of each colour is calculated as:

1. FWHM of the beam cross-section for round beams, or

2. The arithmetic average of the beam's horizontal and vertical divergence for all rectangular beams.


Product Features

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