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Anystation MEDIA Master VIOSO

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Product Description

Vioso Anystation Media is based on anystation Integrrate and bundled with the all-in-one media server suite Vertex VIOSO. No display adaptors included - please order appropriate ones.


2TB Storage

3GB/s data bandwidth

includes Media Server master license


Main spec:

- 19' 4HU media server

- Intel Xeon 8/16 Core

- 32 GB RAM

- 512 GB SSD (OS + Recover)

- 2 TB NVMe data sotrage

- Render Outputs: 4-12x DisplayPort

- Optional sync-module for dual-GPU configurations

- Additional control monitor output: 3x Mini-DisplayPort



- Vertex Vioso include 1 year maintenance

- Vioso 6 include 2 year maintenance

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