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AMP02 White amplifier MM/MC DIVALDI

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Product Description

The AMP-02 amplifier is a continuation of the AMP-01. It is an extension of the AMP-01 design with a modified PCB.

The device is equipped with an additional gramophone stage for MC inserts. On the bottom there is a multi-step fit selector for MC (10 Ohm – 100 Ohm).

The AMP-02 is designed to listen to high quality headphones with a 6.3 mm stereo jack plug. It was equipped with a delayed headphone system.

The housing of the amplifier was made of a solid body of high quality aluminum.

AMP-02 amplifier power is provided by a specially designed external power supply for AC 16V AC. A separate 230V power switch is installed in the power supply unit.

The unit can work as a MM / MC phono preamplifier for integrated tube or transistor amplifiers. The output can be output from the headphone output jack via the Jack Stereo / RCA Stereo jack.

Warning. The device requires careful selection of signal wiring.

The power supply is designed for the AMP Series Amplifier. It is an optional feature for AMP-01 amplifier, but for AMP-02 it is necessary.

Its appearance is related to AMP amplifiers. It is made of a solid body of high quality aluminum. A specially designed toroidal transformer was used.




Output power: 850 mW (Class A), 3.5W max. (impulse)

Output load: min 30 Ohm - 600 Ohm (useful dynamic range depends on the type of headphones used, 30 Ohm - 600 Ohm)

Load phono inputs:

MM: 47 kOhm (100pF)

MC: 10/22/33/50/100/2400 Ohm

Dynamics: 80 dB

Frequency range:

Linear input: 20 - 20kHz / 0.5dB

Phono input for RIAA: 20 - 20kHz / 1.5 dB

Distortion: 0.2% at 1 kHz

Voltage Gain: 20dB

Voltage gain of 1kHz MM degree: 40 dB

Voltage gain of additional MC: 20 dB

Input: RCA stereo 1x linear, RCA stereo 1x MM / MC turntable

Fit to MM insert: 47 kOhm (100pF)

Matching to MC insert: 10/12/15/18/22/33/50/100 Ohm

Headphone output: Gn. 6,3 mm stereo jack

Power supply: 16V AC

Power Consumption: 1A max

Power Consumption: 15 W max

Output capacity: max 0.5A / channel (pulse)

Material: aluminium


width: 115mm

height: 53 mm

depth: 102mm

Weight: 700 g

Colour: white


Power: 20W for AC 16V output voltage

Operating voltage: 230V 50Hz or optional 240V / 120V / 100V 50 / 60Hz

Material: aluminium


width: 115 mm

height: 33 mm

depth: 96 mm

Weight: 620 g

Colour: white

Product Features

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